RELIEF CBD Capsules Birch + Fog


30 capsules per bottle / 25mg CBD per capsule

MCT Oil (Naturally extracted from Coconut Oil), Glycerin, Purified water, Gelatin, high-quality extracted cannabis oil.


RELIEF CBD Capsules Birch + Fog

RELIEF CBD CapsulesBirch + Fog will provide you with your daily consistent dose. These full-spectrum CBD capsules are in a traditional oral form and remove the fuss and hassle from daily dosing. Enjoy easy, consistent, non-psychoactive dosing so you can get long lasting results.

Start with 1 gel cap daily, and wait at least 45 minutes – 2 hours to feel effects. Increase dosage as needed or as recommended by a physician. Start low and go slow with any CBD product. These capsules are pre-measured so please consider the dosage per capsule and your individual experience and tolerance before purchasing.

PLEASE NOTE: B+F Capsules are made with high-quality full spectrum CBD oil that contains a small percentage of THC. While effects are usually minimal, some users may feel them more than others (especially if they are not regular users of THC).


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